Friday, December 14, 2012

Morris Gad: Saving Tiny Hearts Matters

Morris Gad and his company, Diamonds International, contribute to a wide variety of charities. Charities providing services for children are among the highest of DI’s concerns. And what’s more important than newborns and infants? This focus is precisely what led Morris to the Saving tiny Hearts Society.

About the Saving tiny Hearts Society

The Saving tiny Hearts Society is focused on raising money for research toward congenital heart defects (CHD). CHDs are a surprisingly common form of birth defect experienced by infants in our country. Here are some additional facts about them:

§     Approximately 1 baby out of every 125 is born with some form of a CHD.
§     CHDs are America’s most common birth defect.
§     Over 40,000 babies are born with a CHD every year in America.
§     Research to help prevent and treat these diseases is alarmingly under-funded.

The goal of the Saving tiny Hearts Society (StHS) is simple. Firstly, they help raise money to fund critical research projects supporting treatment and prevention of CHD. Next, they serve as a bridge to allocate funds through the National Institute of Health. They help to channel some of the funding from the NIH into these critical research projects.

About the Society

The StHS has proudly served its mission since 2006. The founder of the organization, Francie Paul, began her story with an immense challenge. Her son Joshua Bennett Paul was born with Severe Complex Congenital Heart Disease. The frustrations and fears experienced in this process directly influenced her founding of the StHS.

In the midst of these complications, Francie was left frustrated, confused, and angry. She lacked a concrete answer to the complications her son experienced after birth. Rather than pursue litigation, Francie opted to help raise awareness and funding to research and awareness for CHD. These energies inevitably resulted in the forming of the organization.

StHS: Volunteerism Across the Board

For over 5 years, volunteers have worked tirelessly to achieve their fundraising goals. The organization works strictly through contributions and volunteerism. Every dollar the StHS earns goes toward helping to achieve these goals.

Volunteers extend from organizational employees, advocates, and a board of directors. They all share the same passion for helping these babies get the treatment they need. Since its founding the StHS has raised well over $1 million in funds. This money has directly contributed to the funding of eight critical research projects.

Diamonds International CEO Morris Gad is proud to offer continued contributions to the StHS. He hopes that this research will help improve CHD identification and treatment to these vulnerable infants. Morris Gad knows the StHS will make a difference in the lives of countless families.

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