Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gulf Coast Readers Inc.: Great Culinary Magazines

Fortunately, magazines are still in production and distribution, and still cover a myriad of subjects. Readers of all interests find that they still have great resources for information in a concise publication. This way, they do not always have to scour the Internet for valuable information and news. Among some of the most popular subjects in magazines nowadays is cooking. Lovers and enthusiasts of the culinary arts have a tremendous range of options in terms of magazines. Accordingly, Gulf Coast Readers Inc. has made a name for itself in the magazine distribution industry, offering a gamut of publications to readers of all tastes.

Moreover, Gulf Coast offers an incredible selection of culinary magazines, ones that are world renowned and chock full of great information and news. Although the popularity of cooking shows has increased leaps and bounds, magazines are still at the forefront of culinary resources. Beginners and even advanced chefs found new, exciting, and useful information in these publications. Take a look at some of the titles offered by Gulf Coast Readers Inc., and perhaps you’ll find your next big interest.

Healthy Cooking: In every issue, Healthy Cooking features at least 100 new recipes. Some are very intricate and not for the faint of heart, but others are simple and quick. Rest assured, however, that all the recipes are healthy and nutritious.

Bon Appetit: This world-renowned magazine features everything from exclusive interviews to preparation tricks. It is for true cooking enthusiasts, but is accessible to all readers. It often includes interviews with famous chefs, and always has great recipes and kitchen tips. Bon Appetit often has great information about wine and spirits, as well as beer.

Diabetic Cooking: With the millions of people suffering with diabetes, it is just fantastic that there is a cooking magazine for them. Not to discriminate, but there are just as many incredible culinary combinations and plates for diabetics.

Saveur: This publication is designed to form a gateway for people who are new to cooking. However, it has some unique and invaluable information that is useful to even the most advanced culinary artists. Regardless, Saveur’s content covers all aspects of cooking from preparation to presentation. It often includes extraordinary tips and menus from culinary connoisseurs.

Gulf Coast Readers Inc. is among the elite magazine distributors for their incredible promptness and affordability. Members of this reputable company have access to numerous magazines at the lowest possible rates. Gone are the days of paying for overpriced magazines in grocery stores. The company does not specialize in a single subject, their selection of subscriptions covers an expansive range of topics. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Morris Gad: Saving Tiny Hearts Matters

Morris Gad and his company, Diamonds International, contribute to a wide variety of charities. Charities providing services for children are among the highest of DI’s concerns. And what’s more important than newborns and infants? This focus is precisely what led Morris to the Saving tiny Hearts Society.

About the Saving tiny Hearts Society

The Saving tiny Hearts Society is focused on raising money for research toward congenital heart defects (CHD). CHDs are a surprisingly common form of birth defect experienced by infants in our country. Here are some additional facts about them:

§     Approximately 1 baby out of every 125 is born with some form of a CHD.
§     CHDs are America’s most common birth defect.
§     Over 40,000 babies are born with a CHD every year in America.
§     Research to help prevent and treat these diseases is alarmingly under-funded.

The goal of the Saving tiny Hearts Society (StHS) is simple. Firstly, they help raise money to fund critical research projects supporting treatment and prevention of CHD. Next, they serve as a bridge to allocate funds through the National Institute of Health. They help to channel some of the funding from the NIH into these critical research projects.

About the Society

The StHS has proudly served its mission since 2006. The founder of the organization, Francie Paul, began her story with an immense challenge. Her son Joshua Bennett Paul was born with Severe Complex Congenital Heart Disease. The frustrations and fears experienced in this process directly influenced her founding of the StHS.

In the midst of these complications, Francie was left frustrated, confused, and angry. She lacked a concrete answer to the complications her son experienced after birth. Rather than pursue litigation, Francie opted to help raise awareness and funding to research and awareness for CHD. These energies inevitably resulted in the forming of the organization.

StHS: Volunteerism Across the Board

For over 5 years, volunteers have worked tirelessly to achieve their fundraising goals. The organization works strictly through contributions and volunteerism. Every dollar the StHS earns goes toward helping to achieve these goals.

Volunteers extend from organizational employees, advocates, and a board of directors. They all share the same passion for helping these babies get the treatment they need. Since its founding the StHS has raised well over $1 million in funds. This money has directly contributed to the funding of eight critical research projects.

Diamonds International CEO Morris Gad is proud to offer continued contributions to the StHS. He hopes that this research will help improve CHD identification and treatment to these vulnerable infants. Morris Gad knows the StHS will make a difference in the lives of countless families.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Morris Gad: Baby Haven Provides Saving Grace

Picture a scenario where a mother leaves her child abandoned right after giving birth. It’s difficult for you to imagine this horror, isn’t it? But Diamonds International CEO Morris Gad knows that this reality is unfortunately true in Africa. What are the details of this tragedy, and what steps are required to stop it?

The Dark Horrors of HIV and AIDS in Africa

In 2003, multiple newspapers in Johannesburg, Africa were reporting a disturbing and horrific trend. The articles discussed an alarming rate of babies that were abandoned in and around local hospitals. Sometimes, the mothers would simply leave the hospital without their babies. Other times, they would abandon them in fields, dumpsters, and other places.

What was the root of this horrific trend? The answer, unfortunately, was the continued emergence of AIDS. Many experts claim that AIDS has become an epidemic in many areas of Africa. In fact, the Namibian government reports that the rates for HIV positive residents were over 20% in 2003.

Some additional facts about HIV and AIDS in Africa are as follows:

  • Since 2003, the amount of HIV positive residents has decreased. It’s currently reported at 17.8% of adults in 2008. While this lowering trend is positive, the number is still a cause for concern.
  • Immense poverty and population sparseness both add to the challenges of treating children and adults with HIV or AIDS. However, treatment options have increasingly improved in the past 10-15 years. In fact, mother-to-infant transmission has significantly lowered thanks to improved treatment methods.

The distressing news of an HIV positive infant is what prompted most mothers to abandon their babies. The continued reports of these abandoned babies are precisely what prompted the formation of Baby Haven. This organization gives hope to a group of children who would otherwise remain hopeless.

About Baby Haven Namibia

Baby Haven Namibia is focused on helping children diagnosed with HIV find hope, support, and treatment. The organization helps by first providing a home to HIV positive children. The organization provides basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter. But it also directly contributes to the positive, healthy development of these children.

Children should not have to endure the painful consequences of HIV and AIDS. Through the charity of Diamonds International, these children can become carefree again. The organization allows the children what they need to continue living happy and healthy lives. Despite their circumstances, they can again thrive within their communities and beyond.

Diamonds International CEO Morris Gad is proud to see the accomplishments of Baby Haven Namibia. Experts hope these positive trends will continue and one day eradicate this disease in all its forms. Morris Gad looks forward to continued charity service and medical innovations to one day realize this dream.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Morris Gad

Morris Gad is the CEO and Chairman for international diamond corporation Diamonds International. The firm began as one shop in St. Thomas in the Caribbean. Since then, the company has grown to operate over 130 shops worldwide. This unprecedented growth is directly thanks to the efforts of this committed and dedicated professional.

A History of Success

It’s not through luck that a company like Diamonds International becomes one of the most well known in the industry. It takes the right level of talent, education, and professionalism to achieve this level of success. And that level of passion is precisely what guides Morris through every day of service.

Morris comes from a family passionate about the diamond industry. His father first instilled the love of diamonds to him as a child. This continued love took him from wholesaler to a focus in retail.

After the success of the first St. Thomas location, retail outlets continued to open across the world. The growth helped take DI from a modest Caribbean outlet to a globally dominant force in diamonds.

What’s the secret to this company’s continued success? The answer isn’t what you’d typically expect in the diamond business:

  1. A customer-centered focus across the board

Morris and his brother Albert always favored the customer experience in diamonds. They both loved to see the joy a diamond can bring for a person. It was this joy that compelled them to transition from wholesale into retail.

The goal of Diamonds International is to bring diamonds to everyone. This perspective took the business from one store to 130. The company works directly between site holders and the public. This means that their diamonds don’t pass through middlemen before customers buy them.

  1. The right experience and the right passion

It takes the best hands to make the best cuts for diamonds. Diamonds International utilizes state-of-the-art technology to make initial diamond cuts. From there, expert diamond cutters make the final touches to bring the true beauty out of the stone. These experts boast 30-40 years of experience in creating the most unique, beautiful jewelry in the industry.

  1. Corporate Responsibility and Charity

Beyond revenue streams, Morris believes that all responsible companies must give back through contributions. Diamonds International regularly contributes to countless charities. Many of these charities are located within the areas where the diamonds and gemstones are mined in Africa. This focus on responsible conduct and charity reflect the company’s commitment to people across the world.

Forging Ahead

Morris Gad has worked tirelessly to bring Diamonds International into worldwide prominence. Diamonds International will continue achieving unparalleled success in the diamond business and beyond. And the firm will only continue succeeding with a man like CEO Morris Gad leading.