Monday, December 10, 2012

Morris Gad

Morris Gad is the CEO and Chairman for international diamond corporation Diamonds International. The firm began as one shop in St. Thomas in the Caribbean. Since then, the company has grown to operate over 130 shops worldwide. This unprecedented growth is directly thanks to the efforts of this committed and dedicated professional.

A History of Success

It’s not through luck that a company like Diamonds International becomes one of the most well known in the industry. It takes the right level of talent, education, and professionalism to achieve this level of success. And that level of passion is precisely what guides Morris through every day of service.

Morris comes from a family passionate about the diamond industry. His father first instilled the love of diamonds to him as a child. This continued love took him from wholesaler to a focus in retail.

After the success of the first St. Thomas location, retail outlets continued to open across the world. The growth helped take DI from a modest Caribbean outlet to a globally dominant force in diamonds.

What’s the secret to this company’s continued success? The answer isn’t what you’d typically expect in the diamond business:

  1. A customer-centered focus across the board

Morris and his brother Albert always favored the customer experience in diamonds. They both loved to see the joy a diamond can bring for a person. It was this joy that compelled them to transition from wholesale into retail.

The goal of Diamonds International is to bring diamonds to everyone. This perspective took the business from one store to 130. The company works directly between site holders and the public. This means that their diamonds don’t pass through middlemen before customers buy them.

  1. The right experience and the right passion

It takes the best hands to make the best cuts for diamonds. Diamonds International utilizes state-of-the-art technology to make initial diamond cuts. From there, expert diamond cutters make the final touches to bring the true beauty out of the stone. These experts boast 30-40 years of experience in creating the most unique, beautiful jewelry in the industry.

  1. Corporate Responsibility and Charity

Beyond revenue streams, Morris believes that all responsible companies must give back through contributions. Diamonds International regularly contributes to countless charities. Many of these charities are located within the areas where the diamonds and gemstones are mined in Africa. This focus on responsible conduct and charity reflect the company’s commitment to people across the world.

Forging Ahead

Morris Gad has worked tirelessly to bring Diamonds International into worldwide prominence. Diamonds International will continue achieving unparalleled success in the diamond business and beyond. And the firm will only continue succeeding with a man like CEO Morris Gad leading.

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