Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Morris Gad: Baby Haven Provides Saving Grace

Picture a scenario where a mother leaves her child abandoned right after giving birth. It’s difficult for you to imagine this horror, isn’t it? But Diamonds International CEO Morris Gad knows that this reality is unfortunately true in Africa. What are the details of this tragedy, and what steps are required to stop it?

The Dark Horrors of HIV and AIDS in Africa

In 2003, multiple newspapers in Johannesburg, Africa were reporting a disturbing and horrific trend. The articles discussed an alarming rate of babies that were abandoned in and around local hospitals. Sometimes, the mothers would simply leave the hospital without their babies. Other times, they would abandon them in fields, dumpsters, and other places.

What was the root of this horrific trend? The answer, unfortunately, was the continued emergence of AIDS. Many experts claim that AIDS has become an epidemic in many areas of Africa. In fact, the Namibian government reports that the rates for HIV positive residents were over 20% in 2003.

Some additional facts about HIV and AIDS in Africa are as follows:

  • Since 2003, the amount of HIV positive residents has decreased. It’s currently reported at 17.8% of adults in 2008. While this lowering trend is positive, the number is still a cause for concern.
  • Immense poverty and population sparseness both add to the challenges of treating children and adults with HIV or AIDS. However, treatment options have increasingly improved in the past 10-15 years. In fact, mother-to-infant transmission has significantly lowered thanks to improved treatment methods.

The distressing news of an HIV positive infant is what prompted most mothers to abandon their babies. The continued reports of these abandoned babies are precisely what prompted the formation of Baby Haven. This organization gives hope to a group of children who would otherwise remain hopeless.

About Baby Haven Namibia

Baby Haven Namibia is focused on helping children diagnosed with HIV find hope, support, and treatment. The organization helps by first providing a home to HIV positive children. The organization provides basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter. But it also directly contributes to the positive, healthy development of these children.

Children should not have to endure the painful consequences of HIV and AIDS. Through the charity of Diamonds International, these children can become carefree again. The organization allows the children what they need to continue living happy and healthy lives. Despite their circumstances, they can again thrive within their communities and beyond.

Diamonds International CEO Morris Gad is proud to see the accomplishments of Baby Haven Namibia. Experts hope these positive trends will continue and one day eradicate this disease in all its forms. Morris Gad looks forward to continued charity service and medical innovations to one day realize this dream.

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