Monday, February 11, 2013

Fundraising Ideas for Charities

Charities need to know how to ask people to donate money in order to survive. While many charities do alright writing letters to people or making a direct ask, others find that holding fundraising events is an effective way to raise funds. Events do tend to be more expensive than other ways of raising money, so a charity needs to plan well to make sure they actually make money during a fundraising event.

Events to Hold

Almost any event can be made into a charity fundraiser. That includes sporting events, arts and culture events and fun activities. For example, a local charity might want to hold a family bowling night to raise money. The charity can partner with a local bowling alley to hold the event. The bowling alley might agree to give a certain percentage of the sales that night to the charity or might let volunteers from the charity work the snack bar in exchange for tips that benefit the charity.

If the charity wants to hold a cultural event, they might consider asking local artists to donate pieces of art to an auction or display those artworks in a gallery. Proceeds from the sales of the artworks would benefit the charity. The charity could also hold a performing arts event and ask musicians, dancers or actors to donate their time and talent. Ticket sales would support the charity.

Charity events that get people moving are usually very successful. An organization can sponsor a walk. People who sign up to participate ask others to sponsor them. They might be sponsored based on how far they walk, for example. Another option is to raise money by having people pay a fee to participate. For example, if a person wants to run in a charity's 5k, they would pay an entry fee to do so.

The Importance of Sponsorship

Finding one or several sponsors for a fundraising event is crucial. The sponsor or sponsors foot the majority of the bill, so that the charity simply  has to worry about making money. The business' name would then appear on the advertising materials for the event and throughout the event itself.

Sponsoring a fundraiser for a non-profit organization does a world of good for a business as well. It brings the business to the attention of the public in a good way. It also cements in people's minds that  a business is socially minded.

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